WK 15- Art Experience- Design Thinking Applied to Life

I find it strange I don’t have a lot of backups in my life. I usually want to do the first thing that comes to my head but most of the time, I’m scared to do it. I think of a straightforward path and always think failure as no option.

  1. Currently, I think I’m going to be a successful Biomedical Engineer. I am taking the classes necessary but also, I’m stressing out due to the difficulty of the classes. I know that failing is a part of life, but I have the attitude to not give up and to persevere until I reach my dreams. But currently, I am networking with Doctors and labs on campus so that I can get more experience and to make my resume look more impressive when I do decide to get a job or continue my education. I also think that I’ll be on a Dance team, like PAC Modern or somewhere. I am training on the side and hopefully, I’ll be able to make it.
  2. If my dreams were to disappear tomorrow, I would find new things to do. I would still continue dancing but I would probably try playing instruments. I would love to make more bonds with people and help people out in different ways that will positively impact their lives and the communities around them. I would find more things in my life to fulfill the emptiness inside that was full of dance and happiness. I would want to keep working in the Medical field so that I can help people when they need it.
  3. If I was financially secure, I would save my money. I want to save money so that I can have the chance to donate to causes and give it to those who need it. I would retire happy knowing that I can be helping the lives of others. If I somehow get kids, I would try not spoiling them and make them earn the things they want. I would use the money I have saving for their education or whatever passions they want. But to be honest, I would rather use all the money to buy a ton of corgis.

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