WK 13- Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibition: Selvatica

Media: Painting, Drawing

Website: ??

Laura Lopez came to California State University, Long Beach to obtain a masters in Painting! Currently, her major is Fine Arts and she is not from California as she is from Colombia! She loves to color and uses a lot of color in all of her work.

When I arrived into the gallery, I was overcame by color. When I looked at the paintings, I thought of colorful rainbows. I thought of the paintings that had the cool colors like green and saw how calm the paintings was. It was a feeling of “refreshment” from the hot weather outside. The colors were used in coordination with each other in the paintings which made each picture and artwork work together to make the work beautiful.

The drawings are about forests and trees. In the paintings, you can see how trees are a main aspect in the paintings. Drawing the trees shows how much in nature the artist, Laura, is and how much respect she has. Pattern and colors is how Laura experiments her drawings which shows how much nature has. Nature shows many color and patterns that Laura shows through her paintings. It shows the organic growth in nature in a variety of ways to make a person feel nature through the paintings.

Nature is an integral part to humans everyday. Seeing how people sees nature in their art is very intriguing. The paint and colors used in these paintings make me feel different ways due to using cool colors. When I see cool colors, I just think of the calm, refreshing winds in a forest or outside. It made me feel like I was in a forest and made me feel like I’m looking for fruits or anything bright and vibrant. IMG_7121


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