WK 12- Artist Conversation- Alice Andreini

Artist: Alice Andreini

Exhibition: No-Mans Land

Media: Drawing, Painting

Gallery: CSULB Art Galleries, Gatov East

Website: andreiniart.com

Alice Andreini has started off painting in the beginning and thus making her want to be an artist. Her favorite art form is painting and she tests and tries out new kinds of art to test and come up with new things. Currently, she is a CSULB student and this is her final year here and she is currently on the road to getting a MFA.

The piece’s Alice does uses large canvases and in person, it takes up a lot of space. There are oil painting’s on the canvases of a variety of colors. She wanted to be different with her art pieces and each canvas became a unique color and pattern of landscapes. The colors used is really bright and have lots of patterns. Some patterns have a wild feeling while another has a feeling of calmness.

In the artists’ bio, it describes how each work shows a culture of some sort. She also thought about the scientific progresses we made in our history. There is a a sort of idealism that shows through the landscape which shows conflict and conquest. The picture shows a variety of patterns that make people feel an overpowering feeling of power and calmness.

When I saw the art and the different canvases, the pictures I took are the canvases that caught my eye. The red one makes me feel like I am in a desert with a hot sun on top of me while the other one has a deep blue and calm vibe to it. I feel like I am going though a portal with the red canvas and everything felt geometric and Tron like which made me want to go towards the canvas.



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