WK 11- Classmate Conversation- Kiara Lacambara & Derek Chow


This week, I got to meet two new faces today! I usually have a hard time finding one person I haven’t met but it was harder finding two people! Anyway, it was cool that we all found each other in the middle of the courtyard area and just asked if we had our own group. So onto the classmate conversations!

So the first person I talked to was Kiara! ‘KC’ is just a nickname but her real name is Kiara Courtney Lacambara. She is a really nice person and she is also very smart! She is currently a nursing student and that proves how smart she is. Being a nursing student is tough and I don’t think I can be that talented, but it takes a lot of hard work. She really likes to watch Korean dramas and likes to play football. Also, her favorite color is blue!

Here is her website: https://itskaycierey.wordpress.com/

Next up, I got the chance to talk to Derek Chow! He’s a really cool and chill dude. He is currently a Kinesiology major and he also wants to become a PT, or Physical Therapist. Derek really likes to chill with his friends on his free time and studies all the other times. His GPA is up there which is due to all his studying. He also likes to talk about Spongebob and that was really cool because it’s Spongebob! Anyway, if you see Derek anywhere, say hi to him and you’ll have a fun time talking to him.

Website: https://derekcsite.wordpress.com/


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