WK 10- Artist Conversation- Clare Samani

Artist: Clare Samani

Exhibition: Dressed

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @clares_printing

Email: clare.samani@gmail.com

Clare Samani is currently a senior here at California State University, Long Beach in which she is majoring in Printmaking. Currently working towards a B.F.A. degree. Her interests of art started when she was younger and she fell in love with printmaking when she got the chance to experience it. Fashion and clothing is currently her new interests and wants to learn about 2D art.

The exhibit “dressed” had many colors and patterns of clothing on the printmaking. The prints shows clothing in a different light by having the colors pop and make the clothing more noticeable. What I noticed in the prints are that the patterns acting as a background to the clothing goes together will the clothing. Black usually looks formal and the pattern matches the color black while red is more vibrant and the pattern used for it is popping.

While reading about the information of the exhibit, I saw how Clare says how “fashion is a form of communication that all humans speak fluently”. I really liked that first sentence because I never realized how clothing is a way to communicate to people. I think with this exhibit, Clare wanted to show how people wanted to look different with their clothing and to show their personality through their clothing. Clothing is a way to speak without actually speaking because what people see is how they judge.

The reason I chose this exhibit is because of all the colors that were in the room. I saw different colors like red, , yellow, blue and black. I saw many intricate patterns which looked very interesting because I saw how it matched with the clothing. Once I read the biography of the exhibit, everything in the room started to make sense. I do realize how clothing is used to show class and how it is used to show off. Maybe the exhibit was used as a way to show that self-expression also comes from clothing and that people can judge you in whatever you are wearing.




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