WK 9- Artist Conversation- David DeSantis

Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Instagram: @rapturefineart

This week, I got to talk to David DeSantis. David is from Westmister, CA so he lives very near campus and he also goes to California State University, Long Beach. He currently is a Senior and will get a B.F.A. in Print Making.


When I walked into the gallery, one artwork caught my eye. The artwork called “Gem Shard Shogun” was the one piece of artwork that really interested me in the gallery. Being a fan of the color red because of the brightness it gives and it caught my eye. I wasn’t sure if I could touch the artwork so I refrained from touching the material. What I noticed was the canvas it was on which looked like a special type of paper. The way I see the artwork is like a type of painting with a specific pattern to paint the artwork.

This artwork was made due to the artist, David, hitting the beats and listening to the music. To me, I thought of him listening to some type of Asian music due to the shogun influence. On his information paper, he states that there is ‘art that lies within the chaos of spontaneous drip, splatter, and the flow of media”. I can tell that there was some chaos due to majority of the painting was “cut”. I think that David wanted to use different types of patterns in this art piece because of the music he was listening to.

Overall the “Gem Shard Shogun” was created due to the music and the imagination of the artist. To me, I feel the reason David chose the color red was due to the fact that a shogun was sent to war and was used to kill other soldiers. Red signifying the blood of himself or of the foes. The mask is very terrifying which gave the effect of me being the enemy soldier being faced with this “demon” mask. I really liked this piece due to me loving the history of the Asian empires and learning about the soldiers used in these eras. Maybe David pretended to be the soldier looking into the eyes of the deadly Shogun.


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