WK 9- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

In this week’s Art Experience, I got to finally graffiti something! As a Hip-hop dancer, Bboy, I wanted to learn more about the roots and origin of Hip-Hop. One dancer said that Graffiti is an important aspect of Hip-hop. So when I saw that we were going to do this as an art activity, I got very excited. I checked around my house and I saw that we only had red and green. I really liked the color red because red usually grabs people’s attention so I wanted to use it for my last name. The reason I used my last name is because I wanted to post this somewhere around my room and so it can relate to my household instead of me by myself. The reason I put “#East” is because I was giving a shoutout to my family in PAC (Pilipino American Coalition) which is East Fam and the color used for the group is green. It was fun doing this little project and I hope I can get into it as a hobby for the Hip-Hop dance scene!



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