WK 5-Artist Conversation- Carmina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: Sculpture

Media: Water color, paper, Cement, Visual Media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Carmina Correa is a B.F.A. Sculpture Major. She described that the show she had at the galleries were gathered by other artists and she just showed the art in the exhibit. I was really interested in the room because I heard familiar music and when I entered, I thought I was in the Internet. But anyway, here is the story of “The Attack of the Doge”.



There was a Shiba Inu walking around a radioactive materials factory. The dogs name was “Shiba Labeouf”. So Mr. Shiba Labeouf was walking around because he ran away from his owner because his owner was focusing on his cars that could talk. Anyway, Mr. Shiba went inside the factory and he passed through all the security guards. He walks into a room full of nuclear material and Mr. Shiba was stuck in there. The amount of radioactive material was too much for Mr. Shiba and he turned into a giant. Thus he rampaged through the city and ended up smashing many cars. He also had lasers that shot out of his eyes. He also peed on top of a car because the car scared him due to the car honking at him. Basically he destroyed half of the city and then he decided to rest. His owner saw the devastation that happened and tried to get Mr. Shiba back to normal. The scientists had an antidote for this and it reversed giant Mr. Shiba back to normal, cute sized Mr. Shiba. the city was destroyed but Mr. Shiba was being cute and no one got mad at him.


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