WK 5- Art Activity- Zine

I was inspired to draw and write about my life with my friends. My closest friends are fighting with each other due to personal reasons and it hurts me being the mediator. I started this off when we all first met. It was simple, just us being friends. Then once we got older, we all separated to different high schools and that made us distant. We all arrive in college and due to technology, we can keep contact with each other easily. But seeing a couple of them fight each other hurts and it just reminded me about how much I miss the “simple time” before where we barely argued and be happy majority of the time.


I would like to add more pictures and quotes to make this more inspirational when I read it again. I also want to show this to my friends and show them how much their friendships are important to me and more importantly, to each other. It was an experience that made me think about how much I am grateful to know my friends.


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