WK 5 – Artist Conversations- Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Illustration and Kinetic Sculpture

Media: Plaster, drywall, wood, acrylic, latex, electronics, mirrors and a fog machine.

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Instagram: yerieti

Email: yerihwang107@gmail.com

Yeri Hwang is a 4th year student at California State University of Long Beach. She also said that she will be graduating later this year. (Congrats to her!) During the interview part of the class, she explained how she is multidisciplinary in the arts like painting and sculpturing. She took classes for the interactive pieces she did in the Gallery which will be explained. She also has a background in illustration and animation.

I was very intrigued with one of Yeri’s interactive pieces. The first of her piece was the sword which was titled “Choice and Commitment”. I thought the sword was very surprising because I thought that the purpose of the piece was to remove the sword, just like the Excalibur sword. But when I grabbed the handle, it lit up and I got very curious. I got curious because I wasn’t expecting it to light up when holding the handle. I saw the base of the sword wired and connected to the electric socket. I saw wires inside the plastic sword and I thought that it was very clever of Yeri to put the sword into something so interactive and fun!

Image-1 (1).jpgimg_6693

When I left the gallery, I realized that most of the art in the gallery was interactive. I thought that the interactive art added a new sense of perspective. Yeri explained how she wanted her art to be interactive because  “Being interactive brings people together”. When Yeri said that to our little group of interviewers, I thought about all the “Wow’s” and “Oh’s” that surrounded her art pieces and the people I talked to that day about the pieces. I thought that it was amazing and wonderful that her interactive art brought me and other people I do not talk to be able to talk for a brief moment.

When I walked into the Gallery with Yeri’s work, I was first welcomed by the dim lighting of the room. I thought it was different than the other times I went into the galleries which had lots of lights. The lighting made it feel more serious yet calm. While reading the description of “Choice and Commitment”, the one thing that made me love the piece was the description of the artwork. Yeri explained which is that we should “grab the sword and take on the world” and I thought about it. the reason is that we should be able to just go out and do whatever we dream about. I was very hesitant with a lot of things this past year like joining clubs and meeting new people, but I ended up picking the Choice of leaving that fear behind and Committing in being more open with other people that will benefit me in the future.



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