WK 5- Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

In this week’s Art Activity, I selected my mom as my drawing partner! I just did this project on the couch so my mom didn’t have to go down onto the floor. (She also didn’t want her face to be shown too). But while doing the project, it was really weird at first. We both didn’t know what way to start but once we put down the pencil, we just let the pencil move whatever direction we wanted to. We did lots of circles, probably because we didn’t have much room on the couch and we wanted to cover most of the space. When we were finished, we didn’t know what we were looking at! We just saw scribbles but we both talked bout how we felt. We came to the conclusion that this project was about letting you give someone else control of where to go and see where it will end up. During the whole drawing time, we just giggled and laughed because we didn’t know which way we’d end up going! It was really fun and it helped my mom and I laugh after a stressful day.


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