WK 4- Artist Conversation- Robert Nehemiah

Artist: Robert Nehemiah

Exhibition: “Immaterial”

Media: Oil

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, SOA Courtyard

Instagram: wookieewarrior

Robert Nehemiah is originally from Rio Hondo Community College and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts. While interviewing, he described about his past like how he started to grow up drawing when he was younger.


When I entered the gallery, the first thing that popped out to me was this piece of artwork.  The reason it popped out to me was because I saw the artist prior to entering the room and I thought “This painting looks familiar”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the title of this artwork. The materials used are cardboard and oil and at first, I didn’t realize it was cardboard, which I thought was very interesting. The colors used shows a calm yet dark kind of vibe due to the dark colors used.


The painting, according to Robert, was a self-portrait. With his other paintings in the exhibit representing people  that are important to his life and inspires him, like his mentor or his grandmother. The reason Robert chose the materials in this exhibit is due to the fact that the material’s longevity will not last long, just like us living. Robert explained that we will not love forever, just like how his art will not last forever due to the materials he chose. Both Robert and his colleague Elmer, both wanted to show people that they wanted to break away from materialism and how that society has forgotten about material’s.

The exhibit “Immaterial” made me realize the use of any items in our lives and how the little things can have a major significance to someone’s life. The artists explained how their exhibit, “Immaterial” is irrelevant and I think I understand now. The reason why they’re artwork is irrelevant is because of the items and drawings they drew, is mostly overlooked in today’s society. Like cardboard’s are just thrown out when they have been used. Once the artist’s explained their minds and told the group about their artworks, I realize I take everything I have and my own life for granted. I don’t do the best I can and only do 50% most of the  time. The artists helped me realize how important how the little things can become bigger than what they seem.


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