WK 4- Art Care Package


For this week’s art experience activity, I wanted to send my girlfriend one of the best way’s I can do art, which is through dance and taking pictures. I can’t draw to save my life but at least I can dance to make up for it :). So in the picture, is a Polaroid picture of us, which she really loves and I wanted to send it to LA where she goes to school. the thing is, she came back earlier and I just “sent” it her way but delivering it to her. And for the video, I gave it though a flash drive of a choreo I made for her a while ago. (I didn’t have a flash drive at the time of the picture.)

Sending someone an ACP is very different from sending a Snapchat because with Snapchat, it is instant but with this type of “art”, it takes more time and more feelings will be portrayed. I think that the Polaroid is something small and insignificant, but holding this instant of a picture will last more than an instant and will be able to remember the past. I believe there is a difference with art seen by the many and with the few. With the few, you can make it specifically for the person and that person will feel a different way than the other people. You can make people feel a lot of emotions but you can make someone feel differently if you make it for them. The time and effort making this took a while, but I think the result is very special. In this case, this ACP was created to make my girlfriend happy, that’s all I wanted because she is going through a lot during school and I just wanted her to smile through the tough times.


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