WK 4- Artist Conversation-Mimi Haddon


Artist: Mimi Haddon

Exhibition: Fluid Territories

Media: Fiber Art

Gallery: CSULB School of Art Gallery

Website: http://mimihaddonart.com/home

Instagram: @mimihaddon

What do you think about when you wear your shirt? Showing off a brand or wearing it to workout? Trying to impress people or using it as a way to show what colors you like? The way I think of shirts are different than how artist, Mimi Haddon , thinks of shirts. The way Mimi thinks of shirts is a item that is native to our modern day but realizes how many people takes shirts for granted. Mimi notices the small, intricate parts of what makes a shirt like color and seeing how one shape of the shirt can turn into another. Within her website, she puts “ignite passion for the creative process”, which can mean that the passion of something can make a new approach in creativity.IMG_6570.JPG

This piece of artwork by Mimi Haddon struck out to me the most. (I didn’t get to see the title of the piece so I went on her Instagram to hunt for the title). The piece “Fluid Territories” was very beautiful due to all the warm colors acting upon it. Red catches my eye and reminds me of blood. When I saw this artwork, a fellow colleague and I spoke about what it looked like. My colleague said that I resembles the United States and upon further inspection, it does. I added onto his idea and said the colors could represent the weather of the parts of the states. West coast on the left is hot while the purple area, the Southeastern part, looks like a serious heatwave.

I never though of using shirt sleeves for art and with the exhibits of her artwork being shown, I thought it was just rags but upon learning it was sleeves, I went in for a closer look and was fooled by my common perception. Living in Southern California my whole life, I do realize our state is very dry and very hot on somedays. But what spoke to me were the vibrant colors. When I saw Mimi for the first time, I noticed the color of her hair, which was pink. It was very noticeable from a distance. But after I saw Mimi’s hair and artwork, I then realized how everything is supposed to attract your attention with bright colors! I saw red, yellow and orange in most of the artwork and I felt like there was a fire in the room. I felt a warmth that day, which reminded me of the day I felt when I went to my grandpa’s funeral, the sun was shining on me telling me “Everything will be okay”.


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